After death: Dealing with the details

There are many things you have to deal with when someone close to you dies. Jesse’s life was short and included but little baggage, and yet there is still aftermath. For example the Portsmouth cops took Jesse’s computer and cell phone and won’t give them back, at least not so far. The detective says they have to finish the “investigation.” Even though we nor he have any reason to think there was a crime committed. It seems to be part of the procedure when a young person is found dead for no obvious reason. I sent the detective an email this morning to check on the status:

Hello Detective Clinton,

I hope your investigations are going well. If the FBI is somehow able to crack into my son Jesse’s computer please tell them there is some artwork on there we would like to retrieve. He did a lot of amazing digital art, and I am told by his friends that some of it should be on that computer. Whatever they do, please tell them not to destroy or damage any files.

We are going to be starting a foundation that sells prints of Jesse’s art to raise money to help the working poor of Portsmouth and Suffolk. We have lots of physical artwork, but he did even more digital art.

Let us know when we can come pick up the items you took.

Thank you,

Carol Apple


Author: CJ

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