This blog is a way of both remembering my son and working my way through the unthinkable experience of losing him. His death, officially recorded as August 8th, 2016, was sudden and unexpected and we still don’t know how or why it happened. We only know that he did not show up for dinner Sunday August 7th and then did not show up for work Monday morning. His father went to his apartment and found that he had died in his bed. Jesse was 23 years old, was happy with his life and work, and was excited about the future. As I write this the shock is still fresh and the grief is still coming in powerful waves. 

The reason I am a writer is because writing is how I process information, emotion, and pretty much anything. I almost cannot understand something until I write about it. My son’s death is the most incomprehensible thing that has ever happened to me personally. Maybe writing will eventually help me make some sort of sense of it. 

This subject will probably be too painful and scary to read for many people. If so, please don’t feel obligated to read it. This blog is mostly for me, but perhaps it will help others going through grief, especially the loss of their son or daughter.


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